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Trinity and two other volunteer organizations, together with Ukrainian showbiz and sports stars, went to educational and development center No. 2 in Chernihiv to congratulate the children on Easter. 
Several hundred children in need of special attention studied in this institution before the war. An individual approach to each is associated with Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, etc. Some of the children managed to be evacuated to Lviv and abroad, while the other part of the children courageously remained waiting for rescue in the basements together with their mothers and teachers. 
"Trinity" more than once helped the residents of Chernihiv with humanitarian aid, and after learning about these children, they decided to come personally and organize something grandiose.  
To normalize life in the center  - they brought a lot of household items, medicines and clothes.
For the feeling of the holiday - Easter cakes, sweets and toys.
In order to help special children cope with the stress of war - musical performance X-factor winner Oleksiy Kuznetsov._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5b5cf58d_badcf58d_136
And while the children enjoyed the performance, "Trinity" spoke with the teachers of the center and the children's mothers. Every story was touching to the core. The courage with which these children survived the bombing of the city and the steadfastness of their loved ones once again gave us the impetus for the Trinity Foundation to continue helping people throughout Ukraine.

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